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College Admissions Coaching, ​LLC











GOLD: $4,500 (*Most Comprehensive)

Fifteen, two-hour, pre-scheduled, in-person sessions, spanning 2 years, which may be applied in 6-month increments.

Students have unlimited access to phone/email for one year (or two years, in six-month increments). 

Most students will take advantage of the unlimited coaching and will consult with me well above the minimum number of sessions as I assist them through the early planning stages right through to college acceptance and beyond.

Due to the long-term nature of the counseling, college selections based on expressed career goals and other personalized criteria are determined and essays/personal statements thoughtfully developed.

High school coursework, extracurricular, sports, volunteer, and internship recommendations based on one's true passions are a key component of the Gold package.

Portfolio/resume development and guidance regarding the submission of powerful letters of recommendation is provided.

Multiple applications are thoroughly reviewed with great attention to detail. Time lines are established early and adherence to important deadlines observed. 

Preparation for first-year college life including appropriate coursework selection, critical campus issues, and residence life options may also be addressed. Because complete college degree program planning is conducted, students/families can potentially save time and money by ensuring that excessive credits are not taken, that all college course requirements are met in a timely manner, and that the most cost effective and rational options are chosen with regard to dorms and meal plans.

This option is ideal for high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who would benefit from early intensive, individualized college admissions assistance and career development/planning. An intensive, comprehensive option with unlimited email/phone sessions and first-year college follow-up. 

SILVER: $2,500 (Most Popular**):

Eight, two-hour, pre-scheduled in-person sessions, spanning 6 months, including unlimited phone/email.

An initial 1-2 hour assessment during which high school transcripts and scores on standardized tests are reviewed, an extensive questionnaire completed, interest inventories administered and interpreted, career goals, potential college majors and selection of best-fit universities/colleges identified, and college application timetables created.

Sessions include:

  • Initial information gathering session
  • Essay Brainstorming
  • Test-prep recommendations based on standardized testing scores
  • SAT I/ACT and SAT II (Subject Tests) determination and registration
  • Short-term coursework, extracurricular activities, sports, volunteer, and internship recommendations
  • Portfolio enhancement and interview skills training
  • College visits/interview scheduling
  • Career/Transitional counseling
  • Financial Aid/ Scholarship Exploration
  • College Degree Program Planning and Residence Life Assistance (Post-college/university acceptance)

BRONZE: $1,800 (***Express Option)

Six hours of in-person, targeted sessions, with unlimited email/phone follow-up for 3 months.

This express package is for high school, transfer, international/ foreign, graduate, and/or adult students who require applications/essay development and review and would like targeted issues addressed.

Guidance regarding best-fit college/university options, assistance with the admissions process, essay development/critique/editing, and career counseling is highlighted.

Three months of free email/phone follow-up for unlimited essay revisions is included!

HOURLY: $300/hr. (****Hourly Coaching)

Under certain circumstances, clients may access hourly assistance at the rate of $300/hr.

This option is best for those with targeted issues including: Brief essay review/analysis/, college selection, interest inventory administration/interpretation, or specific application issues.

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