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College Admissions Coaching, ​LLC

Philosophy and Approach

Preparation for college admissions sometimes begins as early as pre-school, with parents spending countless hours and resources preparing their child for entry into college.

Myths and misinformation abound, and stress levels are understandably high as parents attempt to provide their children with the best possible advantages.

While great effort and thought are expended on academic preparation, extracurricular involvement, networking, and college selection, it's surprising how little time is often spent assessing a students' passions and career goals---and the manner in which particular institutions can best assist.

Colleges/universities may have you believing that you are working for them. The reality is: You are a highly valued customer!

The cost of a college education has skyrocketed relative to the rate of inflation, with many degrees having less economic value, as the economy has stagnated and competition has increased due to higher enrollment rates.

Don't become mired by thoughts of increased competition.

Fewer than 50% of all Americans who are accepted to college will complete a Bachelor's degree within 6 years!

The manner in which a particular degree connects to one's career goals is paramount.

While a degree from a prestigious institution may open doors, the value of a meaningful college experience and a practical degree, which is applied in the real world, cannot be overstated. Getting into college is just the first step.

Staying enrolled, having a rewarding experience, and actually graduating is more important!

Finding the better fit by taking students' interests, social/cultural preferences, career aspirations, and financial concerns into consideration is crucial.

At College Admissions Coaching, LLC, we fully explore and identify a student's career aspirations and make connections to appropriate college majors and best-fit institutions.

I provide personalized, individually-tailored college admissions counseling to a smaller cohort, and highly encourage parental participation. 

Unlike tutoring chains offering college admissions consulting as an afterthought, high-priced agencies modeling themselves after law firms, or college admissions boot camps, stressing cut-throat competition, and marketing their business through a model of fear, College Admission Coaching, LLC  is owned and operated by a counseling professional.

My emphasis is on quality of service, not on quantity of students served.

With over 25 years in Counseling, and a deep commitment to providing exemplary services, I place the needs of students/families above all.

I insist on engaged, motivated students/families and will defer working with clients who are not wholly engaged, committed, and excited about the process.

Personal counseling is inextricably tied to college admissions consulting.

How one processes information and life's stressors, differences in personalities/interests, unique life histories, natural talents, etc., all play a role in shaping motivation and providing direction during the college application process.

It's not just about "getting in" to the best possible institution! 

It's about identifying the best option for YOU based on your aspirations, dreams, and unique strengths/abilities.

Ethical college admissions coaches cannot guarantee that students will gain entry into a particular institution. I DO promise to work with you in identifying exciting, multiple college/university matches and providing sustained, focused counseling every step of the way! 

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